Louisa Trent - Acquisition


New Bedford, Massachusetts. The year 1844.

When brothels and taverns lined the seaport's cobblestone streets and brawny seamen solicited bawdy wenches before long whaling voyages, an honorable gentleman of indeterminate background lusts after a female servant of questionable repute...

Captain Joshua Kane made his fortune on the high seas. While working his way up from cabin boy to wealthy ship-owner, he developed a taste for exotic artifacts from far-off places. Recently, he added a new object d'art to his collection -- a fiery redheaded whore-thief from the wharves.

Harriett Clark is easily Josh's most beautiful possession. She's also his most frustrating acquisition. For while agreeing to trade her wanton body to escape a locked jail cell, the lusty conniver stubbornly refuses to barter the key to her heart. . .

The Acquisition is set in the whaling port of New Bedford. Joshua won't forget his lowly background even though he has made himself wealthy. He is the knight in shining armor that we have all dreamed about. He is also the most pigheaded and aggravating man that has ever graced the pages of a book. Harry is a redheaded hellion of the first order. She is the perfect offset for the intractable Joshua. This book will have you wanting to find a bat to knock some sense into Josh. You'll also want to shake Harry's teeth loose. But you will cheer when they finally find a way to make the love they feel for each other work. The sex between these two is as hot and steamy as a Louisiana summer night. The story is a continuous upheaval of emotions from joy to anger, satisfaction to frustration. Through all of this it is still a wonderful book and worth every punched cushion and whoop of joy

Oleta M Blaylock for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

I really liked this book; it draws you in to the story. Josh is really very sensitive in the beginning, but because Harry hurts him so badly he leaves and hardens himself to the outside world. Harry loves Josh but fears what he will do to her heart and emotions if she gives him her love, so she settles for the next best thing, sex. A story full of drama, this book is sure to be a keeper and keep you reading it over and over again.

Angel Brewer for The Romance Studio

There are some wonderfully sexy scenes using bondage and submission, in which both Harry and Joshua work through their emotions. I found myself understanding how they each came to be where they are through misunderstanding. Harry's pride and her stubbornness land them in a difficult situation. Her smart mouth and outrageous actions seem to spur Joshua's behavior. These two characters definitely deserve each other. THE ACQUISITION is a totally absorbing tale that had me anxiously waiting for the time the two admitted their feelings.

Anita for Romance Junkies

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