Louisa Trent - Bleeding Love

PREVIOUSLY RELEASED and NEWLY REVISED with substantial additional material.

John does more than stargaze through the lens of his telescope -- he voyeuristically watches Lily, his sister by marriage, his brother's wife, the woman he's always coveted. She's his addiction, an obsession he tries to mask with a habit of another kind. Until Molly, the woman he sleeps with but swears he can never love, issues him an ultimatum.

Molly does more than pose nude for artists -- she watches out for John, an absinthe addict hell-bent on killing himself. He's her touchstone, a test of her willingness to open herself up to pain. To save John's life, Molly will do anything. Submit to everything. Allow all. No degradation is too much to demand. For John's soul, she'll face a sexual crucible. For John's heart, she'll explore the dark depths of BLEEDING LOVE.

BLEEDING LOVE is the second book in the series that began with TAINTED LOVE. This edition of the book includes the two short stories THREE ON THE FOURTH and A CHRISTMAS COMING, previously sold separately.

John Donovan has loved his brother's wife for half his life. Their one encounter did nothing to discourage his affections. To drown out the sorrow John has taken to drinking, and in the arms of an Irish girl he tries to behave. Molly understood the situation from the start but she loves John so much she would do almost anything to win his affections. She wants true affection, not the misguided affection that John holds for his brother's wife. When Molly is given the opportunity to work with Lily, she discovers she likes the other woman, and the women concoct a scheme to solve everyone's dilemmas

Bleeding Love was a wonderful jaunt back in time, and reminded me that relationships have always required work. I adore Molly's character, she's Irish, feisty, and not easily intimidated, what more could you ask? John's character was a little thickheaded, but he was the ideal partner for tough as nails Molly. John's brother, Doyle and his wife Lily were pleasant additions to this story, making it edgy. (... SPOILER removed) The sexual scenes were HOT!

Stefani Clayton for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Louisa Trent's voice in her novels shines through the pages. Each character has faults and needs and often times is unfailingly realistic. With her no-holds-barred style of historical writing, I can't help but love every release. BLEEDING LOVE is raw and gritty and I could not put it down!

Natasha Smith for Romance Junkies


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