Louisa Trent - Courtesan

Newly revised and previously released. 89,000 words. Genre: BSDM historical

The Gilded Age: New York, 1883

With creditors pounding at the door, starvation imminent, and nothing left to lose, eighteen-year old Sarah Winslow signs a note to excuse the indebtedness she has assumed for her deceased father. In actuality, she's just sold herself into an exclusive brothel, her ruination orchestrated by Sebastian Turner, a wealthy gentleman who has bought and paid for her virginal innocence for reasons all his own.

For eighteen long years, Seb has methodically plotted to destroy the Winslow name. And he succeeds. He now owns all of Michael Winslow's possessions, including his lovely daughter, Sarah. Seb has everything he ever wanted.

Save, it's not enough. He wants more...

From the prim and proper lady he has made his Courtesan.

A man bent on revenge and a woman determined to survive have been on a collision course since her birth, although she doesn't know it. From the opening pages of this edgy, electrically charged tale, the reader is continually kept off balance as emotions quickly change from heartfelt tenderness to perverse cruelty. With fully drawn characters, this journey of physical and psychological exploration, which includes bondage, domination, oral and anal sex, may be disturbing for some, but it's one you won't easily forget.

From Romantic Times Book Reviews -- Sandra Garcia-Myers

A scoundrel to his heart, Sebastian was a man you wanted to care for but time after time his unwillingness to let go of his anger, hurt and fear caused him to injure others. Even after realizing his plans to humiliate and disparage Sarah was unjust. He still mercilessly forged ahead with the demolition of a true innocent's heart and used her loyalty and love for him against her. Sarah in her tender age was a bigger woman than I ever could be. The more she allowed Sebastian to wreak havoc on her mind, body and soul while trying to help him with the purging of inner demons made me weep. She deserved much better than the two most important men in her life gave her.

The words escape me on how to really get across how exceptional this story truly was. I not only wept at the ill treatment of the heroine but I found myself aching for the one perpetrating the acts against her. I longed for history to rewrite their story and make the elder Winslow a better man one who wouldn't be the catalyst for all the lunacy and anguish these two suffered. A tale of woe, betrayal and forgiveness Courtesan is on my top ten list of books to read this year.

Reviewed by Rachelle for Enchanted in Romance

Although a sinister and somewhat disturbing romance novel, Courtesan has a heart-wrenching and erotically seductive plotline that left me feeling spent of energy upon its conclusion. Not all readers may enjoy the dark intensity of Sarah and Sebastian's relationship, although I couldn't help but feel moved. Sarah and Sebastian are both so intricately developed that they felt real to me. With his perplexing attitude, I saw Seb as an enigmatic man whose dark soul is screaming for redemption. His behavior made him so intriguing that I found myself profoundly hating him while wanting to unravel his indifference, and I just couldn't write him off even though he has some serious emotional issues. Sometimes his attitude threw me yet also drew me in to his fractured personality. As a reader, I understood that Seb's motivation for being so cruel centered on his thirst for vengeance as well as his need to hide the love he feels for Sarah. His depravity overshadows the love in his heart, making the romance between these characters a hidden event that you long to see brought to the surface. Even though Sebastian treats Sarah with benevolence one moment, and dark and intense cruelty another, his desire to kill his budding love struck me to the heart. As for Sarah, she is one of those characters that make you question your own principles as she consistently opens her mind to the new experiences in her life. Instead of crying in the corner, she met her fate with a strong sense of independence and a desire to explore her newfound personality. Her individuality left me glued to the pages and forced me to read until three in the morning.

The plot has enough astonishing twists and turns that you never really know what will happen until the scene rolls over you. The erotic encounters alone are something to talk about. The sex as well as the deep emotional and physical impact of the characters sexuality is explosive. Although Seb doesn't realize it, his sexual conduct shows his deep love for Sarah, the same love he can't seem to accept. Each carnal scene is so well placed that although the encounters become less tender and more dominant, the underlying currents of their animalistic need leave a powerful impact. I found the story would not have hit me quite so hard without the combination of the excellent plot and provocative sex scenes. Overall, I truly felt moved by Ms. Trent's latest novel and feel it easily justifies receiving the Gold Star Award.

Reviewed by Francesca Hayne for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Gold Star Award

Why can't all historicals be this delicious?! Bondage, domination, and intensely erotic sex make this historical romance unique. Wonderfully so! I'm afraid Louisa Trent's Courtesan has ruined me. How will I ever again read a vanilla historical without picturing beautiful golden bondage bracelets?

The characters are wonderfully drawn, the plot well-written, but what makes this book outstanding is it's intensity. I shivered. I bit my lip. I clenched my fist. I wanted. I love it when a book does that to me. If you like historicals, and romance with a bite, you will love Courtesan.

Reviewed by Annabelle Andrews for Joyfully Reviewed.com

This is an extremely well written erotic historical romance. The characters are well defined, and have very deep emotions. You grow to love and hate Sebastian, as you applaud Sarah on for making the most of a situation. The topsy-turvy twist of this relationship will keep you enthralled, as the dialogue and scrumptious sex scenes keep you riveted. If you like your historical hot and adventuresome, you will not want to miss this one.

Reviewed by Wateena for Coffee Time Romance

Reviewed for Romance Junkies by Chrissy Dionne

Louisa Trent's COURTESAN is an unexpectedly touching story, not to mention a wild romp through the various aspects of being a COURTESAN. Strap on a chastity belt ladies. This story is sure to leave you with lots of yummy ideas.

Louisa Trent's hardcore erotic tale dares to take readers on an enthralling journey of transformation through extremes. Many highly erotic acts have a psychological element based on absolute trust; the characters in this story use this level to portray the depth of their personal strengths and resolve. As I became involved in this tale, I was truly touched as the physical and psychological events escalated in the final chapters.

Sebastian has worked hard to make something of himself, but has lost sight of who he really is. His drive for vengeance has made him blind to his own needs. Even when he has all that he has ever wanted, he has nothing. Sarah has struggled her whole life for attention and love. She is willing to suffer any humiliation at the hands of her lover; pain is welcomed because she is made aware of her feelings. The powers of her physical and mental strength are qualities that will keep readers absorbed in the tale. The early-American setting highlights the decadent nature of the young heroine's situation. She is exposed to a lifestyle that young ladies were not told of, and quickly becomes addicted to the deliciously heady world of eroticism. If you enjoy lavishly sexual tales laced with a hint of old fashioned morals, you are sure to love Courtesan, but be warned that there are some scenes and situations that may offend some readers.

Reviewed for Fallen Angel Reviews by Naomi

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