Louisa Trent - DEATHSTROKE

An Anarchy Tales single title. ( Devil of Nettlewood followed by Outlaw of Ironguard. Must be read in order. And Bladekill, which can be read in any order)

A noble knight's honor clashes with his fealty to the throne when the king directs him to deliver the deathstroke to an irritable female who knows too much of royal concerns...

During a time of political anarchy and social upheaval, when nobleman turns on nobleman and naught is sacred, not even a man's sworn word, Lord Farrow of Croftmoor remains a loyal subject of the rightful king. More importantly, he is a just and decent man, a merciful warrior, an overlord who does what he must to protect the populace of his keep, at times at great personal risk to himself.

His secret occupation of royal assassin is one such risk he assumes in service to the king.

Farrow's skill at killing is unequaled in the realm. What he does in the shadows benefits all who live under his dominion, and so he continues, despite having to forfeit what other men have... a wife, children, an understanding listener in whom to confide. Verily, no one knows Lord Farrow of Croftmoor...

Save Mileth the Harbinger, the peasant wench the king has ordered Farrow to eliminate. She is a threat to the king, all right.

A threat to Farrow too.

Mileth is the only woman with whom the overlord has ever been close, the only woman he might be able to let himself love. And now all who depend on him for their lives depend on him to end hers.

WARNING: While not straight erotica, this story is an erotic romance. As such, it contains explicit sex, graphic language and adult situations.

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