A medieval romance...

Nylif, a woodlands recluse, has kept a dark secret all her life. As well she must, for its revelation would subject her to the control of outside forces thinking to use her for their own evil ends. For years, she narrowly evades their manipulations... until the virgin is placed in the untenable position of having to stand by and watch whilst her entire village and its people are caught in the middle of another brutal warfare campaign, this time between the invader Commander DuGauche and the depraved warlord who means to kill him, Sortie.

But wait. DuGauche issues Nylif an alternative: if the recluse can delay Sortie on the mainland, the Commander will be able to make his escape, and thus bloodshed on the Isle of Versian will be avoided.

There's a catch, though. Nylif knows of only one way to delay Sortie:

By offering herself up to the depraved animal for his use.

Of course, this is repugnant to the virgin Nylif. Although what choice does she have but to accept the Commander's proposal? Another battle on the Isle will surely spell doom for her already beleaguered peope...

Then, the situation becomes a wee bit more complicated:

Before she can begin her carnal subjugation to the depraved Sortie, Nylif falls passionately in love with a courageous mute eunuch, a deeply wounded man who has no intention of ever using her and who has saved her life once already.

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