Louisa Trent - HIS DARLING

1899, America's Gilded Age

Former Rough Rider Braxton Southbourne needs medical help. Since his return from Cuba, this Captain in the Spanish-American War suffers from recurring bouts of depraved urges. These dark periods of sexual perversity prevent him from courting the virginal socialite he thinks to wed. In an effort to treat this worrisome condition, Brax hires Anne Floss, a battlefield nurse.

Mr. Southbourne might call himself perverse and depraved, but Nurse Floss knows better. This is not to say her patient doesn't suffer - he does, mightily. Pangs of guilt over his unexpressed dominance in the bedchamber cause him untold misery. Fortunately, she can help.

In the course of treating her patient, Anne gives into own secret submissive, finding wanton satisfaction in Mr. Southbourne's cure, whilst hoping against hope he never truly gets well.

Now to convince Brax to give up trying to fix what he thinks ails him and merely give in.

To her.

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