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In an age of brutality, a Scottish clan imprisons Noci. Only one man can save her now -

Taracut "the Gelded", the unfeeling overlord of Northumbria.

The fierce warrior draws breath only to serve his king, and his impenetrable heart beats only for duty. Although a vision warns Noci that Taracut is numb to all emotion, even lust, she offers herself to the overlord in exchange for her freedom. 'Tis as simple as this: Satisfy Taracut's dark urges and she will live. Fail to submit to him, and the self-righteous bastard will condemn her to a fiery death at the pyre.

A sweet kiss seals the bargain, and so the bitter battle for the overlord's soul begins. Tricking him with games of seduction, teasing him with a purring acquiescence to his every demand, tempting him with her wanton body, Noci introduces the warrior to the full spectrum of feelings, from passion to...


Suspecting Noci has played him false, the enraged Taracut exacts a terrible retribution for her deception. The fierce warrior forces Noci - his pretty pet, his enthusiastic whore, his secret obsession - to crave him as much as he craves her.

Louisa Trent introduces another saucy femme fatale who takes charge of a rough Alpha male and binds him to her through submission in Icon. Noci is free spirited and independent, a contrast to Taracut's reserved, priggish attitude. The wild child seduces and enslaves the rigid, staid warrior. In our time, Noci would be a neo-hippie artist and Taracut would be a decorated Marine with connections, status and a droll life.

If you're faint of heart, you might want to steer clear. This is BDSM that covers everything from exhibitionism to caging to birching, and that's just the tip of the rod. Still, there's more here. Noci and Taracut engage one another in witty and risque banter until the sexual chemistry builds high enough to overflow a dam. From then on, there's no turning back and everything depraved goes, with mutual consent, of course.

Overall, I got a kick out of this book, and it wasn't just about the sex. The author's ribald narrative pokes fun at her cast of characters until I was snickering to myself going, ...Hmmm...well, how about that!... Acerbic commentary, sharp dialogue, and snarky observations about people could definitely run neck-and-neck with Shakespeare and Voltaire. Certainly, it's not often you read an author with enough insight into human psyche that she can utilize BDSM as the catharsis for her characters. Throw in solid writing, visuals, and superb research and what you have is a winner.

Patrice F

Joyfully Reviewed

I absolutely adored this story as it reminded me of the years when a medieval romance could be both interesting and steamy at the same time. Noci is a strong-willed woman who has very defined strengths and weaknesses, yet her weaknesses are ones that are both humorous and easily identifiable to most readers. She is loyal to both her pagan clan and the overlord who is rapidly taking over her heart. Taracut is a man bound by duty to both his king and the memories of his parents. He has somehow lost the ability to care deeply about anyone or even care much about his own sexual pleasure. Noci is both feisty and attractive enough to awaken his interest, although she senses that the key to his heart is allowing the sexually dominant part of his personality reign free. And, my oh my, that is just an amazingly arousing thing! The sex scenes between an awakening Taracut and an oh so willing Noci are incredible. They do involve some things that are definitely not vanilla, including spanking, caning, fisting, anal and public sex yet these scenes fit perfectly within the tale and never seemed to be extraneous or unsuitable to the developing relationship between these hot-blooded characters. I kept cheering them on and hoping for the best for these two. Thank you Ms. Trent! You have given me a fascinating historical story with amazingly hot, kinky sex and I will remember Icon for a very, very long time.

Laura Scott

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Louisa Trent pens an excellent tale of a time when brutality is the norm. This would not be a story for someone looking for a sweet loving romance, or wine and roses, but for someone who likes to push the limits in sex play. This one is excellent. I loved the way the author pulls the reader in and transports them back to this brutal time. She keeps them right in the middle of the action and feeling what Noci goes through, while at the same time keeping right in there with Taracut and his struggle to handle his new found feelings and emotions toward Noci. This is a dark tale that at times seems almost cruel, but Ms. Trent writes it in a way that it doesn't completely overpower the ultimate story of love and passion and truly makes it work. I would highly recommend this one to anyone looking for a great story with a darker side.

Reviewer: Sandra, at The Romance Studio

"sweet, erotic, funny, and rife with tension"

This book was sweet, erotic, funny, and rife with tension. You can't help but feel bad for the proud warrior as he tries to return the icon to the Scottish Chieftain, and Noci doesn't make his quest easy. Ms. Trent incorporates a modern thread throughout this historical tale, and the two blended well together. The ending of the book comes quickly but did not disappoint me. I identified with the heroine of this book, and could feel her frustration as if it were my own. I definitely recommend this book.

Reviewed by Dawn Epton

ParaNormalRomance Reviews

... I was intrigued as the characters pulled me into their complicated love story. Traditionally, we see heroes as handsomely sexy men, but Ms. Trent absolutely convinced me that a brave man is a champion no matter what he looks like. I found myself wondering what triggered Taracut's unconventional behavior, and was eager to learn more. It was so interesting to see how Noci's original perception changes as she grows to understand Taracut's dominant nature and his difficulty in trusting his feelings. Noci did surrender sexually, but she did not give up her fierce independence and outspoken nature simply to please Taracut. Her strength and courage prove that a BDSM lifestyle may be misunderstood. Once we fall in love, isn't the focus more on what's inside than outside? When we trust, don't we trust with our whole hearts? The writer also displays a wicked and witty dialogue between the two lovers. For those who enjoy sizzling and steamy sex, you'll get it here, and it was believably written. Some may be put off by a couple of overtly explicit portions in the book, but it by no means takes away from the overall romance.

Will the two cope with their trust issues for a happy ending? I think you know that I can't say. But I can share that Ms. Trent deserves a standing ovation for thinking outside of the box and exploring a real love affair. ICON is a thought provoking and innovative novel that I plan to keep on my bookshelf for years to come.

Allegra Alston for RRTErotic

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