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In the post-apocalyptic City, surviving Squatters are going missing from their underground bunkers. Whispered rumors at the black market claim the Maniot dictator -- the beautiful but soulless Commander Tenjor -- is systematically killing off anyone who objects to his tyranny. No one dares stand up to him.

No one except Darrid, a rad mutant freak and the rebel leader of a secret Maniot committee. He's determined to overthrow Tenjor's corrupt regime. And he knows just who can help him. Enter Islet, the foul-mouthed Squatter he catches breaching the heavily guarded gates of the Citadel. The cunning little whore will provide him with an excuse to enter Tenjor's inner sanctum...if she will only allow him to train her in proper Maniot submission.

To avoid punishment for illegal trespass, Islet agrees. That's what Darrid thinks, anyway. Until he samples Islet's style of submission. And finds himself knocked unconscious. Taking orders just isn't Islet's thing. The alpha femme doesn't obey anyone, and that anyone includes a certain rad mutant freak. That's what Islet thinks, anyway.

Until she samples Darrid's style of mutant dominance. And gets her own freak on.

Fans of erotic futuristics won't be disappointed in this inventive tale from Louisa Trent. Islet Abandoned is a gritty, dirty and at times a bit uncomfortable read. Ms. Trent's vision of the future is a bleak world where all seems lost. The highlight of this story is the spunkiness of Islet, who has a mouth like a truck driver and is very tenacious. Darrin may be a different type of creature, a mutant from the nuclear fallout, but he has manners and is a stoic individual. The way he treats Islet is respectful yet he also uses a heavy hand. His hands-on techniques may be a bit cold and for some readers, borderline rape, but I felt it fit for the tone of the story. Even with those semi-shocking sex scenes, Ms. Trent allows the reader into the mind of both Islet and Darrin and shows why this exchange between them must be done. They are total opposites, who come to care for each other, and by the end it works. I especially liked Darrin's back-story and the deep love he had for his sick wife. He is one character you will feel deeply for and you will understand perfectly his own reasons for the sexual tortures he puts Islet through. There are scenes of bondage, many creative sexual positions, along with some group activity that some may shy away from. Overall, I found Islet Abandoned to be a fascinating read and I must give Ms. Trent credit for going out on a limb with this tale.

Kate Garrabrant for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

If you're looking for candlelight, wine and roses, then it's time to take a detour. Islet Abandoned is a post-apocalyptic tale in all its harsh, well-written brutality. This novel is heavily padded with BDSM themes that include everything from nipple clamps to voyeurism. Love and loss are romantic elements glimpsed in the protagonists' pasts.

The hero, Darrid, woos and wins you over throughout the plot as he's revealed to be a man of integrity, refinement and suffering. Islet's sassy street cred and dirty mouth are at odds with her Mariah Carey looks and need to nurture Squatter children. You applaud her intelligence and resilience, which later make it possible for her stand toe-to-toe against adversity and degradation.

I hung on looking forward to finding out if these two people, who deserved to find true happiness, would be able to seize a life together. I'm pleased to say Ms. Trent didn't disappoint. She offers some great twists with Islet breaking down the victim barrier, and afterwards, turns the tables by using Darrid at odd times. The ending had a satisfyingly realistic ring that proved how well Ms. Trent created her characters and their world.

Patrice F. for Joyfully Reviewed

Meeting Islet brought passion and love back into Darrid's life. I loved both of these characters. Each shares a special gift with the other, but their mission leaves no room to reflect on love. There were times I didn't really care for Darrid's high-handedness in the beginning. While I may not fully agree with how he gained Islet's help, I understand that urgency demanded he proceed as he did. Louisa Trent has done it yet again. As always, her story gives us entertainment with a lesson laced within.

NeNe for Fallen Angel Reviews

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