Johari Goes Kinki Cover

During a hurricane on Cape Cod, the sex gets as wild as the weather when security consultant Reid discovers his primary lead in a Pentagon hacking case is coffee shop owner Johari. After all, she's heavily into BDSM, the hook in his criminal investigation.

Biracial Johari doesn't fit in anywhere, not even in bed with a man. Her uptight white boyfriend told her that with her light complexion and good hair, she could almost pass. He's her ex now. No more interracial relationships for her! The next man she dates will be black, she vows, just like -- well -- not her. But close.

Enter Reid, as pale as a vanilla milkshake. And she just wants to drink that white boy right down.

Then she discovers he's using her. Not for sex, which she gets, because that's what she's doing with him, but to get to her younger brother, a suspect in an espionage investigation.

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