Louisa Trent - Lost Angel

Newly revised and re-edited

Art insurance investigator Steven Gallagher is prepared to bleed for Emily Parker. Though she's a liar and a thief, a former juvenile delinquent, and Steve's damn sure she's involved somewhere in his new Cuzin case, her guilt doesn't matter to him. He doesn't care about any of it, including the absolute fact that she's using him... and sex... to get whatever the hell it is she's after. Regardless of everything-ethics, morality, the law-regardless that he swore off women years before, Steve falls hard for the foul-mouthed little con artist, a streetwise gutsy chick who refuses to let a bad past beat her down. To keep Emily safe, he'll do whatever it takes, put it all on the line-

And keep her in line too, even if he has to apply his dominant streak to her naughty little backside. She'll get everything she needs from him.

Except his trust.

No way is Steve trusting his LOST ANGEL.

Emily is running for her life, and like when she lived on the streets, she will do anything to survive -- including offering her body to Steve to dominate and use whenever and however he pleases. This story like all of Ms. Trent's work is hot. The tension between Steve and Emily starts out subtly and builds to a sizzle. When they finally consummate their relationship the sex boils over. I highly recommend this book!

Angela Black for Sensual Romance
Rating: Sensual

...If anticipation makes the prize all the sweeter...then Lost Angel is one sweet prize. Sometimes you sit down to read a book looking for escape and that book just grabs you and smacks you upside the head and screams "hey look at me." Lost Angel is that book. It sucked me in so fast I was hooked before I knew it and couldn't stop reading it until I finished. Ms. Trent tells the story of two lost souls that are meant to be together and would be, if their stubborn hearts would just let them. The background story is gripping and absorbing. The characters are very well developed, so much so that I felt the pain in their hearts and the fear in their minds. The romance builds slowly and the sex doesn't happen until later, but by the time Steven and Emily finally make love it is earth shattering and mind blowing. Neither has experienced this kind of passion before and both have trouble controlling it and coming to terms with it. I never get tired though of reading about characters who love so completely they loose themselves in each other. Ms. Trent has done an excellent job of telling a fascinating suspense story mixed with some HOT erotically charged love scenes. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more from this talented author.
Reviewer: Amber Taylor for Just Erotic Romance Reviews


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