Louisa Trent - MIXED

The year 1883...The American Gilded Age

A beautiful woman wantonly seduces a virile sea captain. The sea captain enthusiastically agrees to the seduction. No questions asked, no explanations given, certainly no names exchanged, they agree to take pleasure in the anonymous use of each other. During their weekly, two-hour trysts, their lust escalates. Boundaries are broken, inhibition is cast aside. Until soon, their excessive carnality is only exceeded by their absolute denial of their growing love for one another. No mistake, they deny what they feel for good reason. For while Emmaline Valette is keeping unnecessary secrets and Captain Preston Redding harbors unwarranted suspicions, they are both are in the market to wed someone else, someone the exacting standards of society will find suitable...

Though entirely wrong for what each of them needs.

WARNING: While not straight erotica, this story is an erotic romance. As such, it contains explicit sex, graphic language and adult situations.

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