Louisa Trent - On Moorstead

A twelvemonth after breaking her witch's oath and wantonly injuring Gralam of Normandy, Avice the Enchantress learns she erred in her curse. To undo the wrong she did the warlord, she summons him to her in a rune.

Rendered lame and impotent, the arrogant Norman resists the witch's incantations. He wants none of Avice's magic.

Save, he does want her. He cannot resist the charming peasant wench with the slanted green eyes and falcon-like ways. Surely, she has bewitched him?

Though Gralam will condemn her for her misdeed, the virgin Avice seduces the surly warlord, for she cannot make him reparations unless she whores for him.

Whore for him she does. But admit to him her crime?

Nay! Verily, that Avice the Enchantress cannot bring herself to do. Not in fear of a fiery death at the stake, but in fear of losing him .

Louisa Trent delivers a sizzling, sexy, sensual, and enticing read in On Moorstead, a not-to-be set aside story that captures the reader from the beginning sentences and spins us forward on a mad rollercoaster of sensual delight. Even readers who are not fans of historical fiction will surely love this one, whose suspension of disbelief immediately makes the scenes come alive and encourages the reader to live the story through the eyes of the characters. Well-written, with finely-delineated characters, On Moorstead is a book truly not to be overlooked.

Reviewed by Frost for TwoLips Romance

On Moorstead left me with a plethora of decisions. Fist off, I debated over what rating to hand out. The plot was meaty enough to hold my attention for over 200-pages. It consisted of dramatic love stories, plenty of mystery, fast-paced action, heated sex scenes, and characters who made me feel. There were times when the cinematic details left me wanting to peel back the clouds of white smoke in order to get a clear view of the drama unfolding. However, the feelings of confusion never lasted more than a page. The characters and the complex lives they lived always managed to pull me back into the story. Lord Gralam represented the unexpected. Everyone and everything around him was a hard mystery to solve. No one likes a conqueror, but Gralam did not leave the nasty taste in Avice's mouth that most others in control over her people did. These two disagreed on everything from religion and sex, which made their coming together that much more electric. If dealing with the hot monkey love going on between Avice and Gralam was not enough, there was Martin and Julian's constant humping to page through without running to the toy box for a five-minute break. I'm happy to have read On Moorstead and gladly recommend the novel to others.

Reviewed by Suni Farrar for Just Erotic Romance Reviews - www.justeroticromancereviews.com

Colorful language, an extensive storyline and four lives intertwined make this a salacious tale for those interested in historical fare with a twist of paranormal garnishment. Avice is refreshing in her innocent, yet carnal exuberance, as she lures Lord Gralam from the moment they meet. Too bad the lord is a little slow to catch on due to his aristocratic upbringing, which causes them more pain than needed since from the start you can tell these two are nothing but destined for each other. A tremendous addition to this story is the childhood friend of Avice and his own escapade that is just as detailed and gives this book a feel of two stories blended into one.

Reviewed by Rachelle for Fallen Angel Reviews

On Moorstead is a sexy and exciting historical romance that features four very colorful characters. Readers will find themselves enthralled by this magical tale as these characters discover the truth about love and passion. This erotic tale will stimulate the imagination with its numerous wickedly sexy scenes. There is the strong dominance and submission angle as each couple learns what they enjoy. Avice discovers she enjoys a little punishment, especially if it given by Gralam. This complicates things when Gralam really wants to spank her but does not want to reward her for disobedience. This is a medieval romance which lends itself to the BDSM theme quite easily. Men during that time were always trying to dominate the females.

The paranormal angle in which Avice is able to shape shift and spell cast is fascinating and adds excitement to the story. Gralam is an unwanted Norman on inherited land at a time when witch craft is punishable by death. At anytime he fears his enemies will find out that Avice is a witch and he will not be able to save her. Gralam seems to always have his hands full trying to keep Avice safe.

This fast paced smooth flowing story is very enjoyable. The plot for the characters is for them to discover who they love and find happiness is developed fully. I encourage readers that enjoy hot sexy historical romances to add, On Moorstead by Louisa Trent to their reading list.

Reviewed by Anita for Romance Studio

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