Louisa Trent - ONLY LOVE

America's Gilded Age

Ellen Fallon just knows art dealer Vincent Brandt cheated her dearest Papa out of his rightful earnings from the sale of his many masterpieces. Now all she need do is prove it.

She has no choice in the matter.

Until she finds evidence to use against Vincent Brandt, Ellen cannot wed impoverished fellow painter... and her secret sweetheart...Stephen.

For the past five years, Vincent has observed Ellen's artistic progress from afar. His professional interest turns to concern when he spies her with an opportunist unworthy of her affections...Stephen

As much as Vincent wishes to save Ellen from making the biggest mistake of her young life by confessing his own love for her, he knows he cannot for, like Stephen, he too is unworthy of her affections.

To put it mildly, Vincent's personal reputation is tarnished. His many debauched dalliances with loose women attest to his unsuitability to court Ellen. And then there is the no small matter of being a suspected wife-killer.

What Vincent feels for Ellen is ONLY LOVE. He should be able to fight it!

His battle to protect Ellen from Stephen whilst saving her from himself escalates when she appears at Vincent's summer retreat in Maine pretending to be someone and something she's not.

At first, he attempts to drive her away by treating her mercilessly. Violently. Cruelly. But unbeknown to him, the worst sin he commits against the inexperienced virgin is continuing to keep her at arm's length.

Until he no longer can.

Then powerless in the face of his love for her, Vincent ties Ellen to him with bonds of lust. All manner of other unsavory devices, as well. He spares Ellen nothing, not even her first taste of dominance.

She delights in it all. Indeed, Vincent's every punitive excess sets her afire...especially her glowing bottom. Nothing is too much, not for Ellen.

In the end, it's because of what Vincent does to her, not despite of it, that Ellen refuses to leave the art dealer...

...for more powerful than she ever thought she'd be, Ellen now understands that her ONLY LOVE too is Vincent.

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