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Previously released and newly revised.

Sequel to The Anarchy Tales Book I: Devil of Nettlewood

No apology, Ysenda loves cock. Upon occasion, she even loves the man attached. For a night, and not an eventide more. Not that she's fickle or fussy. Nay! Quite the opposite. Any lover will do her. Including Almaric, the thieving wizard who seduces then abandons her. And Talon, the murderous overlord who killed her sister Mitri.


Not fickle or fussy at all.

At eight and ten, she had her way with a fine strapping farmer and never once looked back since. To satisfy a yen to mate, she'd pull a lad on and push him off when she was done. Then, she'd send him on his merry way. Easy come, easy go -- that was just the way coupling went with her.

Until she ambushes Almaric the Wizard on the moors and then schemes her way into Lord Talon's solar at his keep.

Whilst the magician's desertion breaks her heart and the overlord's dominance pains her... er...other places, she falls in love with the thieving and murderous bastards despite herself.

A quandary.

No matter. All she needs do to right the situation is betray one Outlaw of Ironguard and assassinate the other.

I was pleasantly surprised with the concept of the story. Ms. Trent combines misunderstandings, lies, and misconceptions together to give us a story of two people doing what they believe they need to do to survive. I love what Ms. Trent does with the vocabulary and dialog. She is a very sensual writer with a writing style all her own. Hot, hot, hot! Ms. Trent is a wonderful erotic writer and I look forward to reading more of her work.

Celtic Debbie for The Romance Studio

The Outlaw of Ironguard by Louisa Trent was a delightful read. Ysenda captured my attention from the get go and Almaric/Lord Talon had me wanting to find out why he was masquerading in the first place. I thoroughly enjoyed the lay of the land and the setting of this story. Ysenda a strong woman clearly had an agenda of her own. I loved her duplicity in attempting to gain justice by her own means, showed bravery and a strong constitution.

Lord Talon was great. I loved the emasculated side of him versus the alter ego side that had no issues in the bedchambers. It was great to see the two separate parts of him emerge into one and to see the sparks fly between he and Ysenda. I thought it clever that she didn't see through the ruse at all. Adding in his bailiff was great and I enjoyed all the aspects of submission and domination. This story was filled with humour, intrigue, suspense and white hot sensuality.

Cia for Siren Book Reviews

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