Louisa Trent - Sex Stings

Previously released and newly revised. Also RE-FORMATTED. 50,400 words.

Snooping is one helluva dirty business, and no one knows that any better than down-on-his-luck P.I. Daniel Murphy. But with baseball bat-wielding loan sharks after him and his kneecaps on the line, this South Boston tough has no choice but to deliver the goods on a high-stakes sex sting operation. To collect the endgame bonus, all Dan has to do is covertly videotape his target Therese Walsh cheating on her boyfriend.

With him.

That's right. Dan's supposed to make like a porn star on camera with a woman he doesn't even know and then deliver the evidence of her two-timing to his client. Can he do it?

When Dan Murphy walks into her little knitting shop, Terry Walsh is immediately and overwhelmingly attracted to him and she understands exactly why. This is a new experience for her. Although she's a psychic, Terry rarely understands her own hidden motivations. But, this time, she actually gets why she'd want to go to bed with Dan Murphy -- any woman would. He's one caring and protective guy.

That's a problem.

Dan's a little too caring, a little too protective...a little too vanilla. And she's a lot BDSM. Going to bed with Terry always means the SEX STINGS.

While other authors concentrate on "world building" Ms. Trent brings the focus of Sex Stings on relationship building. And she does it with care and tenderness, showing us there is still such a thing as character driven erotic romance. Sex Stings is a great story built around the love and growing relationship between two people who never expected to find anything else in their lives, let alone love. Terry and Daniel's story builds flawlessly. From their first meeting you think you know where this is going, but there's a reversal you don't expect. The attraction between the characters is instant but both deny it. Daniel is a coarse, jaded man who handles Terry with loving care, something he has never wanted to do and she has never allowed herself to experience. Terry is hot, wild and wants Daniel for nothing but fun, but he will have none of it. This job forces Daniel to make a choice, his knees... or Terry. When they finally come together sparks fly and pages burn. The sex is HOT yet not what you expect.

Its not sex for sex sake... it's an integral part of the story. You can feel her fear and reluctance; the growing love as well as Terry's urge to run.

Both have a secret. However, the mystery and tenderness, a bit of suspense, an unexpected daring rescue combined with some excellent HOT sex make Sex Stings a great read. This is the type of book that hooked me on erotic romance years ago. Congratulations to Ms. Trent for a job well done and a book deserving of the Gold Star Award because it's all that and a damn good story!

Just Erotic Romance Reviews by Amber

Rating: Gold Star Award

After opening up with an absolutely beautiful cover shot by Anna Cain, I quickly found myself being blown away by all the passion and drama expressed in the story by author Louisa Trent. Similar to her previous work that I have read and have thoroughly enjoyed, the characters were engaging and the unexpected twists and turns provided a steady momentum throughout the plot.

The chemistry between Daniel and Therese simply sizzled and the sensual details left nothing to the imagination. Bravo Ms. Trent for delivering us fans such a scrumptious story!

Jasmina Vallombrosa for TCM Reviews

Heavy, emotionally numbing and full of soul wrenching occurrences, Sex Stings is another masterpiece in the arsenal of Louisa Trent's mind-blowing stories. The ravenous sexual events between Daniel and Terry are nothing compared to the deep-rooted psychological issues prevalent through out this tale. Ms. Trent captured a depth of emotions often felt, but rarely understood. I see the face of Terry on many women who suffer from the lack of knowledge of their own true worth. I was even surprised, considering how Terry and Daniel came to be, that I still felt a kinship with the hero no matter how many times I was disappointed in his actions , because his goodness was still glaringly obvious. This is a story I recommend for anyone who loves it when a book calls to them and provides them with a turbulent experience. This isn't sweet, the lovemaking wasn't pretty. To be honest at times it was downright raw, but in the end these two peas fit just as they were meant, magnificently.

Indy for Joyfully Reviewed

A Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read

Louisa Trent has a great ability to build characters. While there is some very steamy sex between Terry and Daniel, there is also a lot of emotion and underlying wit built into Sex Stings. Ms. Trent knows how to capture a reader's attention with mystery, sex and secrets. Daniel's qualities make him a great hero. I wouldn't mind meeting a guy like Daniel. Terry is an equally strong heroine. This is a great book and one I know other readers will enjoy. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Trent's work.

Julianne for TwoLips Reviews

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