Louisa Trent - Bring It

Southern belle socialite, Laura Beaumont, is willing to do anything to escape the horrendous memories of her past, including a freefall into an episode of risky sex, the more anonymous, the more extreme, the better. Big, dark, and Northern, James Stone is everything outside her sheltered, country club upbringing...

Making him exactly what she needs to forget.

Love at first sight is for fools and songwriters, not for James Stone. But when this reformed gangsta turned hotelier falls head over heels in lust with beautiful Laura, the desire that began like any other random hard-on unaccountably deepens into something stronger, something deeper. But are feelings, regardless of how strong and deep, enough to protect the vulnerable Laura from the presence of evil...

And her own self-destructive impulses?

Bring It is a novel packed full of punch, excitement, and red hot sex. James Stone quickly became one of my favourite characters as he went through different stages of realization in his feelings for Laura. What woman can resist a man who promises to fulfil every sexual desire, and makes good on that promise?

Bring It is a story full of hope, joy, love and above all sexual awakening. A pure joy to read!

Donna for A Romance Review

Ms. Trent delivers another intriguing erotic romance mystery. Jamesí character is a strong African American male who has worked his way up from the streets. His intelligence and business savvy is evident from his interactions with Laura and his business associates. Physically he is a wet dream. He won me over with his growth as a sensitive character as he won over Laura. Laura is a woman reeling from the destruction of her secure, love centered pampered world. Not only has she lost the foundation of her life - her parents - but she has lost money, her standing in the community and she lives in constant fear. I enjoyed her evolving character as she learned about her own desires and passions. Her feisty nature played well against James' character. She never backed down when it came to her heart even if that meant pushing James out of his comfort zone for sex. She had needs and made sure that James knew, while showing him how important they were to her. Their sex was edgy sweaty passion with a touch of BDSM that made me hot enough that I needed multiple toys.

Julie Esparza for Just Erotic Romance Reviews


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