Louisa Trent - Screwing with Perfect

Kesley Richmond is stuck in an undergraduate time warp, stagnating in the same-old-same-old routine. On top of that, her total dedication to an emotionally draining career is leading to burnout. She needs more, something just for herself...like a personal life for instance. All her college friends have moved on, fallen in and out of love, married, divorced. Done something! Except her...

And her complacent downstairs neighbor, Andrew Chandler.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it...that's Drew's philosophy. His college apartment suits him fine, and his sex life is one score after another. Though his consulting business keeps him traveling, he has Kesley, a girl in a million, to come back to. He doesn't know what's set Kes off, why she wants to shake things up, why she's on this kick about moving on, changing stuff that doesn't need changing. He wants her status quo to stay right where it belongs...one flight up from him. But to keep his sweetheart happy, he'll do anything, anything at all, even... SCREWING WITH PERFECT.

Louisa Trent has written an excellent page turner. You are dragged into the plot and the lives of the characters. Kesley and Drew are made for each other but the denial of their true feelings towards one another is portrayed excellently. The chemistry between Kesley and Drew is scorching hot. The bondage, the enjoyment of pain, will have you wanting more to read but Ms.Trent leaves it to your imagination. SCREWING WITH PERFECT will hold your attention until the very end. The friendship that is portrayed will make you wish for one just like it. Ms. Trent, thank you for a wonderful book. I enjoyed it and will be looking for more of your books to read.

Terri with Romance Junkies Reviews

Screwing with Perfect is worth spending an evening curled up on the sofa... a tender romance filled with a side of erotic, sizzling chemistry. Screwing with Perfect has not only earned 5 Angels but also a Recommended Read!"

Jessica for Fallen Angel Reviews

This story is soooo hot! I also love the sexual innuendo woven throughout the story (like the plumbing scene). I'm a big fan of Ms.Trent's work but this is my favorite so far. I was pulled into Kes's and Drew's world and didn't leave till the very last page. I love Ms. Trent's talent for building sexual tension and keeping it tight throughout the story--even after the hero and heroine have sex. This one's on my keeper shelf.

Angela Black for Sensual Romance

A fantastic tale of love blossoming between best friends, Screwing with Perfect was both inspirational and engaging. The dead-on realistic descriptive voice of Ms. Trent brought her characters to life and truly made them memorable. Together Drew and Kes have a wonderful friendship that is clearly based on mutual trust and admiration. Sweet and perhaps written a little too naive, Kes is an easy character to relate to and support. Simmering underneath her naivety is a sensual wanton waiting to be released. Drew is an amazing man. He's beautiful without being vain. I fell hard for his charm and his sincerity combined with his sense of humor and protective nature. The history of their friendship is a key component to the twist that plays out in this story. The uncertainty of "would they or wouldn't they", made for a great plot progression. There were times when I dreaded them crossing the line into a sexual relationship but enjoyed it all the same, as Ms. Trent delivered a sexual eroticism that was both intense and arousing. With some surprising revelations about their sexual preferences, there was a host of kinky exploration that made for an explicitly hot experience. Screwing with Perfect is a story well worth recommending.

Sin St.Luke for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

WOW! This reviewer was amazed by the connection of the hero and heroine from the first page. These two characters clicked immediately, drawing me in. This reviewer felt their natural banter was impressive. Ms. Trent definitely out did herself with her characters, in SCREWING WITH PERFECT. The humor Ms. Trent created was beyond perfect. The way Kelsey taunted Drew was priceless.

Tina for Love Romances And More

Tralana for Enchanted Ramblings

This was an adorable story. Although Samhain lists it as erotica, I found it to be much more of a romance than anything else. When they did get to some action, though, I thought it and why things were perfect for him the way they were. I think, in fact, Kes may have been a bit less explored than Drew, but that was okay with me. I can say I enjoyed this story and will definitely be reading it again.

Screwing With Perfect is an excellent read, a real page-turner! As a reader you are dragged into the plot and the lives of the characters. Kesley and Drew are fully developed, with their lives, emotions and friendship explored in great detail. You'll love them both, though there are times when you might want to shake some sense into them for not seeing what is plain for everyone else to see. Their denial of their true feelings towards one another, in particular Drew's original self-denial, has been excellently portrayed and written in such a way as to be real, yet Laugh Out Loud Hilarious. Secondary characters are also developed very well, though Kesley and Drew are undoubtedly the focus of the story. Furthermore, secondary characters have been chosen and written about in such a way that adds further depth and reality to the story. A nosy landlady. A troubled teen. An insightful colleague. The chemistry between the characters sizzles on the screen, and it is impossible not to wonder how two such intelligent people could have been so oblivious to the attraction between them for ten years. Their close friendship is a true marvel to behold, and of the type I would gladly give an arm and leg to have myself. Sex between the characters is fabulously described and quite varied, including an encounter in the great outdoors, a spanking, though not thoroughly detailed, as well as anal sex, depicted in a fair amount of detail. Not to mention, there are hints of submissiveness, bondage and enjoyment of pain, though these are not delved into in depth and are barely noticeable in the plot (for which I, for one, am thankful). Screwing With Perfect is a quirkily told tale that will hold your attention, engage you in the plot, make you wish you had a friendship as close as the hero and heroine, and make you beg for more from Louisa Trent. I know I'm now going on the prowl for more ... are you going to catch me up?

Elizabeth for Fallen Angel Reviews

Tara for Euro Reviews

This was a good story. I think every woman should have a best friend as attentive and tender as Drew. The friendship bonds are unbreakable between these two and the sexual chemistry, once you got to it, was emotional and explosive. Louisa Trent writes about a very strong, yet naive, woman who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. She does an awesome job of making you feel like you know the characters and makes it easy to care for them.


SCREWING WITH PERFECT was a finalist in the Romantic Times American Title Contest

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