Louisa Trent - The Pink Flamingo Series

The omnibus collection of the two novels:


Anarchy Tales: Book One

Though tales of Lord Spur's cruelty are legendary and his discipline of her is oft-times harsh, peasant Mitri chooses carnal servitude in the nobleman's solar over rotting in a dungeon as his prisoner. But Lord Spur is as thorny as the vines surrounding his embattled keep. His prick stings her so. He toys with her mercilessly, all hours of the day and night, and not only in his bedchamber.

Subjected to all manner of forbidden acts, her pleasured flesh rubbed raw from leather restraints, her throat screamed hoarse from the pained releases forced upon her, Mitri accepts the bounty of her Master's rough passion.

And then, Lord Spur brings in his squire Nym. Not to mention his brother Lord Talon. The overlord presents her to each as if she were a lamb at market. Whatever is she to do?

There is naught to do -- save trust beyond question, save trust beyond doubt, that she has found her one true love in the dominant overlord.

But -- has she? Has she found her one true love? Or has she only succumbed to the dark seduction of the Devil of Nettlewood?


Sequel to The Anarchy Tales Book I: Devil of Nettlewood

No apology, Ysenda loves cock. Upon occasion, she even loves the man attached. For a night, and not an eventide more. Not that she's fickle or fussy. Nay! Quite the opposite. Any lover will do her. Including Almaric, the thieving wizard who seduces then abandons her. And Talon, the murderous overlord who killed her sister Mitri.


Not fickle or fussy at all.

At eight and ten, she had her way with a fine strapping farmer and never once looked back since. To satisfy a yen to mate, she'd pull a lad on and push him off when she was done. Then, she'd send him on his merry way. Easy come, easy go -- that was just the way coupling went with her.

Until she ambushes Almaric the Wizard on the moors and then schemes her way into Lord Talon's solar at his keep.

Whilst the magician's desertion breaks her heart and the overlord's dominance pains her... er...other places, she falls in love with the thieving and murderous bastards despite herself.

A quandary.

No matter. All she needs do to right the situation is betray one Outlaw of Ironguard and assassinate the other.


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