My Photo Gallery

These are just a few pictures of Trent Gardens and some travel photos. I'll add more and rotate the collection as time allows.

I hope you enjoy!


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Italy Rome and Tuscany were on our itinerary for this trip to Italy. Stayed in some lovely hotels and apartments, including one with a balcony overlooking the Pantheon, molto bello.

England England and a visit to the Tower of London provided some of the inspiration for my novel THYME. We also travelled south into Kent to visit Sissinghurst, took in some castles and journeyed to the Cotswalds.

Ireland My novel ROSE is something that came from a visit to the Emerald Isle. We vistited some of the villages of my Irish ancestors and some wonderful gardens.

Trent Gardens One of the other joys of my life are my gardens. They change from season to season and from year to year. These are just a few examples of the magic that happens in Trent Gardens.

Trent Gardens in 2013 A lot has changed in the gardens by design, mother nature (a hurricane, blizzard, whatever else gets thrown at me.. ) and that which comes with maturity.