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Another in the series
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Third installment in the loosely connected "Virgin" series. All novels standalone but reading them in order - VIRGIN ENCOUNTER followed by VIRGIN ESCAPADE - does enrich the romantic experience.

A 19th century Gilded Age romance

Vowing to remain a virgin in the interests of her ambitions, Phoebe Hall wants nothing to do with illicit passion or its tragic consequences. Her oath does not, however, protect her from Shield, a tough man who is every bit as driven to get ahead as Phoebe. Some might even call him ruthless in his quest to succeed. But Shield has a chink in his armor, and it's Phoebe. When she does him wrong, her attempt to make him restitution as his mistress brings out the dominant male in him. Driven by desires almost as dark as those belonging to Phoebe, he will do anything to protect her. From her own impulses.

And from his, as well.

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