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Virgin Encounter
cover art
Cover Art by T Trent

Late 19th century Gilded Age erotic historical romance.

Petty thief and consummate liar Daisy Crumbly scrambles to learn the rules of seduction in a risky scheme to swindle wealthy merchant James Cornell out of a fortune. Daisy's virginity is on the line even before her plan goes awry... then James holds her against her will. Restrained in his attic, the young pickpocket succumbs to her much older mark's dark magnetism and loses all to him: her innocence, her self-respect, her very idea of what love is and what it is not. And when he demands more of her, she surrenders that too until she is left with nothing more to give him...

Save herself, all of herself, every naked corner and honest inch of herself.

Releasing 3rd week of April 2017

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