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At long last.. a new medieval with the following working synopsis

On his deathbed, Lord Renard of Giseldone requests a scandalous favor of his much younger wife, Lady Vaenn, a former Viking scout wounded and captured by the Norman leader in a bloody raid on his land.

Loyal of heart and ever mindful of her indebtedness to Lord Renard, the valiant Vaenn sets out to fulfill her husband's final bequest. She is his property after all, the same as his steed or his broadsword, to be given away as her overlord wills it. 'Tis his right and so be it.

Zendyre, of everywhere and nowhere, is on a quest to discover the secret of his birth. Who is he?

He's searched the world over to find where he belongs. Mayhap if he does, the bane of his existence - a persistent and unaccountable loneliness – will leave him.

When widow and warrior collide one dark and stormy eve, they set into motion a series of events that might very well spell the destruction of Giseldone forevermore.

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