Louisa Trent - Bittersweet

While recuperating in Maine, edgy Boston police detective Cameron Wyler mistakes frustrated schoolteacher Gertrude Prescott for a hooker on the lam. Lookalike love goddess and look-like-anything-but a hero are both working their own agendas and getting a little sexual healing is right at the top of their lists.

...because sometimes love ain't about holding on, it's about letting go, and fallin' is BITTERSWEET.

Cameron takes Gertrude on a long journey of self-discovery and tenderness while Gertrude shows Cameron how beautiful life can actually be with the right person. Both in desperate and continual need of each other, they explore their hidden desires, both mentally and physically, which leads them to the conclusion that life can only exist with each other.

This book was one of the best books I have read lately. The beautifully woven story kept me hooked and the titillating sexual exploration only added to the pleasure of the reading experience. As a result, I devoured the entire book in only one setting. Simply stated, this is a brilliant book and comes highly recommended.

Jasmina Vallombrosa for TCM Reviews

Bittersweet by Louisa Trent is a witty love story. The characters in this book are clever, zany, and entertaining. Trudy with her shy reserved side mixed with her confident teacher persona is a force to be reckoned with. She keeps Cam on his toes and the reader guessing what will come out of her mouth next. This modern woman is content with her life in the small rural town, but she is longing for love and family. Cam is a street-smart cop trying to come to terms with the death of his partner. He is in a very dark place when he meets Trudy. She offers him friendship and understanding at a crucial point in his life. Coming from two vastly different backgrounds, a small town only child and an African American street wise cop, bring out the best in each other.

Ms. Trent used the push and pull of Cam and Trudy's relationship as seductive foreplay throughout the story. They have to learn about each other's unique personalities in order to come to grips with the powerful feelings they share. When they give into sexual abandonment, it was hot enough to set the smoke detectors in the house off. The intense lovemaking forges a bond between Cam and Trudy that is a building block for their future. The sometime back and forth battle as to whether or not to have sex became annoying, but on a whole, this is a good romance. I look forward to Ms. Trent's next work.

Ophelia for Erotic-Escapades

. . . they went to bed it was no holds barred intense and all consuming carnal coupling. Thoroughly enjoy the physical side of their relationship. The public sex was unexpected but incredibly arousing. Cam's dominant nature was both a treat and a temptation . . .

Sin St Luke for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Full of scintillating dialogue, once I started reading "Bittersweet" I didn't stop. Though the hero was of mixed parentage, with a strong African American appearance (the heroine is Caucasian), this really didn't have that much influence in the story. Cam is a really fantastic hero, a modern day gentleman and, though some of his sexual antics may seem otherwise, a truly gentle man. I usually don't like the hero calling the heroine baby, but it just seemed to fit here. The first half of the book is sex free, but this lack is made up for in the last half. The sex scenes are well done, but be warned, there is one in particular that could be offensive to those who are not regular readers of erotica. I would have liked to have gotten to know the characters in-depth a bit more, but this deficit didn't subtract from my enjoyment of the story.

Flora Bell for Sensual Romance Reviews
Sensuality--NC"17 Lots of sexual tension; oral sex; explicit language;

This story will have you experiencing every emotion that exists. You will laugh out loud over the humor between Trudy and Cam. You will cry over the pain and guilt that Cam fights and must face over his partner's death. The lust and sexual heat between Cam and Trudy will leave you hot and breathless. You will rejoice when both decide to let go of the past and try and find a way to be happy together. This book will fulfill every need that you have and will leave you very satisfied. I highly recommend this book so go buy this book and sit back and be prepared to experience lots of hot sex and a good story.

Lisa Wine for The Romance Studio


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