Louisa Trent - Captive

A brooding warrior of enormous sexual appetites succumbs to the powerful forces of his dark nature when he abducts a novitiate in a plan to avenge his wife's death.

In a wild and wicked place, where no rules govern civilized behavior, Geoffrey de Sage forces Aeschine to leave innocence behind and embrace a mature woman's sensuality. Stripping her . . . . and mating . . . . to their most fundamental elements, he masters his prisoner as he would any young untamed animal.

Although he offers her only the carnal and speaks not a word of affection, the virtuous Aeschine allows herself to be used as faceless vessel, to be violated, penetrated, dominated in any fashion her captor so dictates. When the fearsome warlord decrees there will be no strictures between them, no sanctions, and naught that is forbidden, she gives into all his demands --

Save to set him free.

What follows is a tale of love and redemption and erotic surrender, for in the end, captor becomes CAPTIVE.

Captive is an exceptionally well written story. It has all the elements of a historical but with deeper sexuality. Louisa Trent is truly gifted in the art of creating clever sensual stories. You need not be a fan of BDSM to enjoy this story. The fiery interactions between the hero and heroine will delight all. --

Reviewed by Zoe Knighton for www.sensualreads.net

Captive is not a pretty book, nor is it very romantic. It is, however, an extremely erotic look at how one seasoned warrior can change in the face of love. While I didn't agree with Aeschine's allowance of Geoffrey's use of her, I could see the bigger picture in that she thought he was redeemable and worthy of affection. For that reason alone, I kept reading this book and actually found it intriguing and very well written. I thought the tone of the book completely matched the time period in which is was set and Louisa Trent delivered a no holds barred look at the lengths men and women went to during that time period.

For me, this one's a keeper.

Talia Ricci for Joyfully Reviewed

Captive, by Louisa Trent, is an historical romance filled with passion, love and revenge. The historical detail and accuracy denote an author well-versed in the time period. A wonderful, at times even lyrical, read. I highly recommend it.

Nan Strebeck for The Romance Studio
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Captive is dark historical romance in a time when a man could do anything and get away will it. . . . Sage is a hard man who in the end has to admit love. --

Patricia McGrew for Timeless Tales


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