Louisa Trent - The Pink Flamingo Series

The omnibus collection of the two novels:


Tomas Ruiz doesn't do nice women, and they don't come any nicer than do-gooder Seraphina Norris. But a deal is a deal and to get what he wants, he'll do her better than good.

Sera is counting on it. This widow expects more than the boring missionary position from the sexy desperado. From Tomas Ruiz, she's thinking naughty. Now if only her much younger Latino lover lives up to... or is that down to... his bad-ass reputation.

...sometimes sex is all a man and a woman really have in common, and sometimes that's more than enough...


When hip, avant-garde artist, Blue Heron, and ultra-conservative businessman, Lou Franco, meet in a pickup line at a trendy vegan restaurant they quickly agree to a weekend of erotic, anything-goes, sex.

But a pink flamingo and a giant inflatable penis turn anything-goes into something else, something neither of them expects.

...because sometimes all a man and woman really have in common is nothing and sometimes nothing will keep them apart...

Critical acclaim for SOME ROUGH EDGE SMOOTHIN'

Some Rough Edge Smoothin' is a delightful romp with two characters whose external covers fully conceal the stories within. Tomas seems to be a rough-and-tumble bad boy with too many women on the string, who has a standing Saturday night appointment with an aggressive, whip-yielding Dominatrix, yet he demonstrates concern for Serafina even before he meets her, due to the condemned status of the Monroe Mansion. Then too, this supposed hot shot prefers plain vanilla sex, even though he owns a strip club. Serafina dresses like a conservative librarian and wields romantic history to win scholarships for the kids, yet she explodes into sensuality when confronted with Tomas, and her soft yet starchy exterior conceals a very practical mind and spirit. Louisa Trent again demonstrates her excellent grasp of character and plotting in additon to a fine imaginative talent. Some Rough Edge Smoothin' is definitely a story not to miss.

Reviewed by Frost for TwoLips Romance.

Let me begin by saying I absolutely loved Some Rough Edge Smoothin'. Tomas was a fabulous character. He was magnetic and his Latino charm oozed off the pages and into my heart. The character development was solid. I had a clear understanding of who Tomas was soul deep. I can say the same for Sera. Born and raised a missionary, she knew no other life. Yet, she craved freedom to explore life and its deviances. Tomas was her way to explore...

Reviewed by Suni Farrar for Just Erotic Romance Reviews.

This was a very enjoyable story. The bad boy who wants desperately to prove to her that he is not good enough for her: it gives us some very erotic sex scenes!

Reviewed by Celine Ageneau for Sensual Romance.

This is a quite good younger man/older woman romance. The hero is a marvelous mixture of tough and vulnerable. He works hard to do what he thinks will please the heroine. . . . I fell in love with Myra. This secondary character almost stole the show. Loved the humor in the story ...

Reviewed by Flora Bell - Courtesy Sensual Romance

Some Rough Edge Smoothin' is a wonderful story. It is about two very different people who are able to overcome quite a few obstacles to get the love that they want. Louisa Trent has created a moving story that will have you laughing and crying along with the characters. Tomas is the quintessential alpha male, dominant and oh so sexy. Seraphina is the sweet girl next door, with a sexual goddess just waiting to come out. And Ms. Trent does not disappoint. From the first sexual encounter, these two characters set fire to the pages. This is a book with will be staying on the keeper shelf in my home.


Angie Gibbs for Timeless Tales

This story was great. I was pleased by the fact that is contains characters of a different ethnicity, but the racial issue is not the focus of the story or even a problem. I don't want to ruin the story for anyone but I would like to say that towards the end of the book Sera and Tomas decide to get married and have a completely platonic relationship. It doesn't even last an hour. The love scenes are hot but there are not a lot of them. The story concentrates on building the tension between the couple first and them moving on to the sexual stuff. When if does finally happen in the latter part of the book it's hot enough to burn the pages. This was the first book I've read by Louisa Trent and I wasn't disappointed. Tomas and Sera's story will make you laugh, cry and hope that love really can conquer anything.

Angel Brewer for The Romance Studio
Sensuality rating: Very Sensual

Watching Sera come alive and discover what she wanted, what she had been suppressing inside, was wonderful. It was great to watch Sera break down the barriers between Tomas and force him to see that she wasn't who he thought she was. Definitely a good read.

Tera for Joyfully Reviewed

From the beginning you are captivated with Tomas's rough edge and admire Sera's determination. These characters were totally opposites but they completed each other and the author did a sensational job of revealing it. Diverse emotions play heavily into this story. Set at a steady pace with witty dialogue along with some very erotic love scenes keep this tale entertaining. A magnificent erotic love story, you will want to read over and over again.


Wateena for Coffee Time Romance


I loved The Pickup Line. Blue's attitude went from good to odd then back to good, but as the story moves on, I couldn't help but care about her. Her self doubts were absolutely dead on to what I would feel in her situation. Lou is almost too good to be true but is just demanding enough to be somewhat flawed and this makes him a terrific hero. The supporting characters are blended together perfectly and the background gives the story the right amount of depth. The sex is definitely hot and the interaction truly complemented the feelings and emotions of Blue and Lou. The sex was so good that I had to pull on my sneakers and run off a little frustration. There was nothing about The Pickup Line I didn't enjoy! Congratulations to Ms Trent for an excellent book.

Anya Khan for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Louisa Trent's characters are intelligent grownups looking for balance in their lives as most of us do in our own lives. We can relate to their insecurities and their strengths while enjoying the story as pure entertainment.

Most of the sex scenes are explicit with a few into submission and bondage. The strength of the story is in the believable, relatable characters and how they deal with each predicament.

Dee for Night Owl Romance

A book like THE PICKUP LINE does not come along every day. This was a winding and touching story of two lonely people adrift in their own different worlds. Lou Franco is a single father who is dealing with an empty nest now that his son has left for college. Blue Heron is an artist who has lost her muse after her best friend died. Blue is as quirky and unconventional as they come, and Lou is staid, solid and conservative. They meet in the "pickup" line for a restaurant, and their attraction is a strange yet powerful connection, one that neither of them sees coming. They challenge each other's notions of what they mean to each other and of who they are as individuals. They must each overcome a lot of pitfalls, and get rid of a lot of emotional baggage, in order to have a chance at the happiness they desire.

Deeply set at the heart of this story are a lot of heavy issues, such as gender roles, sexual exploitation and the grieving process. The story really delves into the complexity of the human heart and forces us to see a side of romance that is less polished and almost more intimate.

I found Blue to be a very conflicted but likeable character, one that I think more than a few readers can identify with. She is dealing with the loss of a loved one, and trying to get on with her life, but she still hasn't let that person go. She tries to put on a front of swaggering confidence and overt sexuality, as much to salve her need for human contact as to keep people at arm's length. She is a mass of juxtapositions and contradictions and this complexity made her very real to me.

Lou was a character I really liked, a very brave and loving man. He never took Blue at face value, but always seemed to see through her to her heart of hearts. His generosity of spirit and tenderness are also offset by his very controlled sensuality. I loved his sense of humor and his almost valiant nature. His love scenes with Blue were at times touching and other times simply erotic as hell! The sex really ran a gamut of experiences, from exhibitionism to menage to simply rough. The writing was very erotic, but always reinforced the deep connection between Lou and Blue.

THE PICKUP LINE was a very intimate portrait of two flawed people who balance each other's strengths and weaknesses. The writing had a lot of complexity and Ms. Trent certainly does not shy away from many contemporary issues authors might avoid. The characters felt driven by real human emotion and the storyline was what kept me reading.

Maria S for Romance Junkies

I found The Pick Up Line to be a funny yet hot read that begins in a very unusual pick up line and continues from there. Lou is a strong, caring man who finds himself attracted to Blue, and after just one night decides, she's "the one." However, the challenge is to convince Blue to open her heart and love again. What develops between her and Lou is more than just a weekend fling. Blue has found someone to love her and all of her unique quirks.

This book will make you laugh aloud. It is also a tender love story between two lonely people who unexpectedly find love. Louisa Trent has a way of intertwining quirky characters and humor with a good love story. The Pick Up Line returns us to the town of Fenton for another visit. Lou was a secondary character in her first book, Some Rough Edge Smoothin'. --

Diana for Timeless Tales

THE PICKUP LINE was an engaging erotic story about two opposites who were meant for each other. It is at times humorous and at times sad; I went through a gamut of emotions while reading this book and was thoroughly absorbed in the trials of the characters. However, be warned this is an erotic romance, so steer clear if erotica is not your cup of tea. That said, I recommend THE PICKUP LINE for a contemporary erotic read. -- 4 roses Flame-thrower

Marlene Breakfield for Escape to Romance

This book read really fast for me. I can't decide if it was the interesting story line or the great attitudes of Blue and Lou. The fact that Lou was a decent guy and didn't sleep with Blue the moment he could thrilled me. Sacrificing his sex life for his son was very admirable and showed how sensitive and serious he was about his parenting. Blue is your typical type of woman where there is always more than meets the eye. In spite of the fact that she immediately wants to sleep with Lou, it's later revealed that it's not her usual behavior. The ideal of it being the woman who wants the quickie and the man who wants the serious relationship was refreshing. This is the second book I've read by Trent and I liked it just as much as the first one. This story has definite connections with Trent's first book but you don't have to read the first one to understand the second one. If you have read Some Rough Edge Smoothing then some of the characters make appearances and this story takes place in the same town. If you love stories with hot love scenes and a sensitive hero, then pick up The Pickup Line.

Angel Brewer for The Romance Studio


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