Louisa Trent - Veronica

Previously published and newly revised.

Public scandal and private tragedy force "free-love" author Veronica Cooper into a marriage of convenience with Talbot Bowdoin, a gentleman of mystery.

Talbot has every reason to be secretive. Furthermore, the book publisher intends to keep the young lady he wed in the dark about himself. Because the sad truth is -- though he'd give her the world gladly -- he's more comfortable with his inventions than he is with people. He's always kept anyone with a beating heart at arm's length.

Not Veronica. Her heart pounds...with lust...and she refuses to tolerate her standoffish husband's neglect in the bedchamber.

To satisfy his beautiful bride, Talbot touches a human being for the first time in years. He also allows Veronica the sexual freedom she craves.

But will he allow her to love him?

Veronica is the latest in Ms. Trent's Blooming series of Erotic Historical Romances and she never disappoints. Her storytelling abilities are very adept and this novel is no exception. Not one to crank out cookie cutter romances, Ms. Trent crafts two polar opposite characters and somehow brings them together and makes it work. A little bit on the edge, a bit of historical propriety, a strong, yet naive heroine and a dominant yet totally smitten male bring the story together and offer the reader something a bit different than the average romantic fare. The sex in this story is hot and steamy and at times completely orgasmic. At other times, as the story dictates, it's a bit...well not so steamy, but appropriate to the story. I love quirky characters and off beat stories when love truly changes lives. Veronica fills the bill and more. There are some mild scenes of BDSM in this novel and some readers may find parts of Talbot's domination over Veronica objectionable. I felt it fit the story and the characters. I highly recommend this book as an interesting, unusual and very satisfying read.

Amber Taylor for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Rating: 5 stars Heat Level: O

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