A 19th century Gilded Age romance

The fourth installment in my "Virgin" series featuring the rough and tumble world of 19th century Boston's Red-light District, where illegal fancy houses, opium dens, gambling establishments, and risqué dancehalls all thrived beneath the eyes of the law.

Against this background...alone and desperate, a young virgin trades her lofty ballet ambitions for the down and dirty reality of dancing for tips on the cancan stage. But when the dancehall's owner also forces her to whore for his clientele, she has no choice but to accept the protection of a darkly seductive admirer, a member of her audience. Her carnal attraction to this dangerous but wealthy older man has her questioning what makes a gentleman and what makes a criminal...

...and if it is possible for a man to be both at the same time.

All books in this series may be read independently of one another. This title is also a stand-alone book.

Read an excerpt from VIRGIN ENRAPTURED.