Late Nineteenth Century, America's Gilded Age, a scandalous sequel to VIRGIN ENCOUNTER.

Though this second story is a standalone title, reading the books in order adds to the romantic experience.

Stripped down, her body as naked as her need for carnality, a wealthy virgin lays herself open to a complete stranger. Without expectations, the woman - a nice lady by society's strict standards - recklessly offers herself anonymously to this man in the dark, no regard for her respectability, dignity, or possible ruination.

And so continues the turbulent story of the oh-so prim and proper Miss Malone and the conman extraordinaire Malcolm Ignatius, each signpost on their journey chronicled, the roadmap to her loss of virtue... and his salvation...celebrated every step of the way.

Proving a sensible woman of thirty-two years, on the very brink of spinsterhood, can still say to hell with it all and come of age...even blossom...in the arms of the right cad.

Read an excerpt from VIRGIN ESCAPADE.